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Furthermore, two dozen measurements of axial springs may not be representative of the global Waves of the sea, especially breaking waves along the shore, produce air bubbles in the water.Collapse of these bubbles shoots into the air droplets of seawater which evaporate to form microscopic crystals of halite.First, we list all the known or conjectured inputs and outputs and try to quantify them with the latest data from the scientific literature.Then, we specify their past behavior in the evolutionary model.

The fine dust is largely silicate minerals, a major part of which dissolve in the sea.The dissolved solids of ground waters can be measured in parts per thousand (ppt) and vary significantly from as fresh as rain water (0.0001 ppt) to extremely saline brine (over ppt) that seeps from the platform onto the floors of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico [18].According to Paull and Neumann [18], major brine seepage causes significant solution of limestone and is believed to be a major cause of the steep slopes at the margins of the platform.Global river runoff is about 10% less than global rainfall minus evaporation [19].This missing water from the continents (approximately L/yr) is believed to be the total ground water seepage from the continents.

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