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The 71-year-old actress gave her the job after asking her star sign and ensuring she knew how to make her breakfast, an egg boiled for exactly three minutes.Then she began reinventing her, hiring a celebrity stylist to give Sermak a new hairstyle, and a butler to teach her etiquette after she committed the faux-pas of ‘cutting up’ her salad.Despite three subsequent marriages, Bede says Davis regretted her lack of sexual experience in her early 20s, and had lived vicariously through Bede’s sex life, quizzing her incessantly for lurid details.Once, after a 15-year-old Bede came home from a date with the actor George Hamilton, her mother asked her: ‘Well? ’ When her daughter refused to answer, the actress supposedly snapped back: ‘Well, he better had.’Bede also claimed her stepfather, Davis’s fourth husband, the actor Gary Merrill, was violent towards mother and daughter.Hollywood was transfixed by the extent to which a woman widely hailed as one of the greatest screen actresses could be so humiliated — by a daughter prepared to plunge the knife while the star was still alive.Their bitter relationship is, says Bede, rooted in a traumatic childhood and a neglectful, foul-mouthed, pugnacious and egomaniacal mother who was habitually drunk by 10 am.Unable to persuade her daughter to leave Hyman, the actress apparently placed a ‘demonic’ curse on their family that led to their older son developing bipolar disorder and Bede being diagnosed with ‘terminal’ cancer, which she miraculously survived.‘It happened for many years,’ Bede said. She did a great many people a great deal of harm.’Bede insists a succession of Davis’s staff knew about her interest in black magic but, if not actively involved in assisting her, chose to keep quiet.

, as eccentric and strong-willed but possessed of a ‘heart of gold’.

She says now she has a Christian ministry, she wants to warn her flock about the occult.‘It all sounds ridiculous unless you understand these things from a Christian standpoint,’ she said. In one of many video ‘testimonies’ she has released on You Tube for fellow Christians, Bede recounts how her mother ‘would sit on her bed’ and cast spells.‘She had this big metal waste basket and she would have her secretary get a piece of clothing from someone who had vexed her, crossed her in her view,’ she claims.‘She would take this piece of clothing and she would mumble incoherently and she would then set it on fire and hold it over this metal waste basket, and laugh as it burned and she dropped it into this container.’She also recounted how her mother would buy fish whole so she could gut them, ripping their innards out as she mumbled the names of people she wished to do the same to.

Although ‘people’s lives were destroyed’ and ‘all sorts of horrible things happened to them’, Bede says she didn’t understand it all until she became a Christian at 36.

Even more dramatically, she also relates how one night, at Davis’s Beverly Hills mansion in 1984, she watched her mother go through occult rituals in a ‘last-ditch attempt’ to make Bede ‘run back to her’.

Lying in bed, she says she suddenly felt tremendously scared.

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