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Native americans method of dating

Because these drip water deposits formed on top of Naia’s bones, their date must occur after she fell in the cave. Deborah Bolnick, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin and her colleagues Brian Kemp of Washington State University and Ripan Malhi of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign analyzed the DNA from the tooth of the adolescent girl who fell into a sinkhole in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula more than 12,000 years ago.Naia’s tooth enamel was also radiocarbon dated to 12,900 years ago by Kennett’s lab.Early humans moved into this area from elsewhere in Asia and remained there for quite some time.During that time they developed a unique haplotype that persists today in Native Americans.Well placed as a Paleoamerican.” Morphologically, Naia does not look like a contemporary Native American, but mitochondrial DNA testing—maternally inherited DNA—carried out by Brian Kemp at Washington State University and his collaborators—shows that she has a D1 haplotype.This is consistent with the hypothesis that her ancestors’ origins were in Beringia, a now partially submerged landmass including parts of Siberia, Alaska, and the Yukon.That’s why the people of The United Methodist Church, Native and non-Native, are creating a new history.

“Instead, it shows that Paleoamericans could have come from Beringia, like contemporary Native Americans, even though they exhibit some distinctive skull and facial features.

The ancient remains of a teenage girl found in an underwater Mexican cave establish a definitive link between the earliest Americans and modern Native Americans, report scientists.

The most ancient human remains in the Americas have baffled scientists because their skulls are narrower and have other measurably different features from those of Native Americans.

The University of New Mexico team tried to directly date Naia’s teeth using this method, but that did not work well either.

The bones were found deep below today’s ground surface in a collapsed chamber connected to the surface via a web of now flooded tunnels that Naia once walked along to fall to her death.

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“Unfortunately, we can’t rule out that the tooth enamel is contaminated with secondary carbonates from the cave system, but we removed potential contaminates using standard techniques and Tom Stafford of Stafford Research Laboratories, produced a comparable age,” says Kennett.