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Since the body must produce more digestive bile juices using cholesterol, more cholesterol is drawn from your blood which consequently lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Owing to their natural high sugar content (between 60% & 70%), eating too many of these sweet wonders will give you extra calories thus you will likely gain weight if the calories aren’t burned effectively!

That’s what Craig Thompson has done in this staggering work, compressing those crucial years of adolescent experience into a novel of exquisite detail.

He doesn’t hit a false note anywhere in this depiction of a young man dealing with faith, confusion and romance.

Did you know that women in America die from LDL cholesterol related cardiovascular complications more than anything else?

Phoenix Date palms thrive in hot dry areas (temperate zones) like the Middle East, Australia, North Africa and California.

The potassium contained in dates also helps in preventing strokes and heart diseases.

Finally, dates have antioxidants that prevent blood cholesterol from forming harmful fat molecules that stick on the walls in your arteries sometimes causing life threatening conditions.

Eating controlled quantities (3 -5 dates per day) ensures that you stay healthy without risking rising blood sugar levels or gaining weight.

You will get approximately 5 grams of fiber, 14% of daily potassium required value and about 200 calories from 3 of these wonderful fruits!

This is all thanks to the low water content which allows the date fruit to act and have the same dietary nutritional effect as dried fruit, naturally.

Don’t get it twisted, dating is good, but only for your social and emotional wellness.

We are totally on healthy food here and we’re talking about the date fruit!

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How then can this oxidation be stopped or controlled to a minimum?